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We’re reinventing the way certificates of insurance and other corporate compliance measures are being tracked and corrected.

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The bcs experience

Each week we collect and correct thousands of insurance and compliance documents to protect our many clients from any unexpected claims or insurance issues that arise from third-party vendors. Through our proprietary software, unparalleled customer service, and insurance prowess we have come up with the perfect process to mitigate risk.

To ensure that we are offering our clients the highest standard of work we are continually looking for the brightest and most dedicated people to add to the bcs team.

  • It’s the opportunity to work in a start-up culture that promotes a challenging and rapidly advancing risk management environment.
  • It gives you the ability to witness history in the making as we reinvent the process of traditional COI and compliance tracking through advanced technology and AI software.
  • We offer our team flexible hours and the ability to work from home three days a week.
  • Monthly events with plenty of free food to promote a tight-knit company culture.
  • Friendly approachable management team.
  • Exciting employee incentive program with great health benefits and a matching 401K.
  • Significant on the job training with interactive training modules and instructor led classes to prepare you for the bcs experience.


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job openings