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Learn how to become an insurance pro.

Having compliance complications? Watch these helpful videos to learn about the basics of insurance.

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What does Subrogation mean in Insurance?subrogation, waiver of subrogation, what does subrogation mean, what is subrogation, Subrogation: What Is It and Why Is It Important? Meaning of Subrogation in Insurance Explained

We know that insurance terms can be a little confusing, but have you ever ...

Difference between personal auto policy and commercial auto policy

What's the difference between personal and commercial auto policy?auto policy, commercial auto, policy, personal auto policy, insurance, certificate of insurance,

There are a few key differences between personal auto insurance and commercial ...

Certificates of Insurance

What is a Certificate of Insurance? Why Do I Need It?coi certs

A COI is a necessary document to prove your company is insured when entering ...

bcs vendor network

The BCS VENDOR Networkvendor, how to find vendors, BCS network, qualified vendors, insurance, insured vendors, risk management, track vendors,

Your business depends on suppliers, vendors, and subcontractors. Imagine a ...


How many states don't require Workers Compensation? workers compensation, workers comp, worker compensation, worker comp, workers compensation policy, worker compensation policy, insurance policy,

The laws surrounding workers' compensation can be complicated, which is why ...


What are AM Best ratings and NAIC numbers?am best ratings, am best, meaning, NAIC, ratings, am best company, am best rating scale, naic number, naic code,

AM Best provides us with a way to check the ratings of our vendors insurance ...

What is the difference between evidence of property coverage and liability insurance?

What is Evidence of Property Coverage?property coverage, insurance, evidence of property coverage, certificate, liability

Do you know the difference between Evidence of Property Coverage and Liability ...


What's the difference between general liability and professional liability?general liability, commercial liability, commercial policy, gl, gl policy, professional liability, professional liability policy, professional policy, difference between general liability and professional, difference between gl and professional, commercial and professional, insurance policy, policy, policies,

As a business owner, figuring out what types of insurance your company needs ...

What does workers compensation mean?

What is Workers Compensation?Workers compensation, workers comp, what does workers compensation mean, insurance, policy,

Workers' compensation, usually abbreviated as Workers' Comp, is a policy that ...


Am I Tracking COIs Correctly? In House editioncoi, certificate of insurance, coi tracking, certificate of insurance tracking, insurance, tracking certificate, insurance tracking, insurance tips,

Have you ever wondered if you are tracking your certificates of insurance ...

Umbrella Liability

What is the Difference Between Umbrella and Excess Liability?

Excess and Umbrella are often used interchangeably, but they are two completely ...


COI Walkthroughcoi, certificate of insurance, walkthrough, what is a certificate of insurance, insurance, tips, business insurance,

In one of our last videos, we explained what is a COI and why most companies ...


The Difference Between Ongoing & Completed OperationsOngoing ops, completed ops, endorsement

Every business is unique; however, completed and ongoing coverage is an ...


Top 3 Tips For COI TrackingCOI Tracking Tips, Certificate of insurance, certificate of insurance tracking tips

Before having a COI tracking meltdown, try out these 3 simple tips that will ...


What is a Notice of Cancellation? Do I need one? Notice of Cancellation, certificate of insurance, insurance, requirements, 30 day notice,

The NOC is a crucial mechanism to assure the additional insured or other vested ...

claims made (1)

What's the Difference Between Occurrence & Claims-Made Insurance?claims made, occur, occurrence, coverage, policy, insurance, filed,

Have you ever wondered how your vendors’ Commercial General Liability coverage ...

General liability intro

Commercial General Liability BasicsGeneral Liability, GL, CGL, Commercial General, Genera liability insurance, business owners policy, Understanding CGL Insurance, what is

The CGL is one of the most important type of insurance as it is the first line ...

Auto Liability Insurance

Commercial Auto Liability – What is Auto Liability? Do My Vendors Need It?automobile

Have you ever wondered if you should require auto liability coverage from your ...

Policy Holder, Cert Holder and AI

The Difference Between Policy Holder, Certificate Holder, and Additional Insuredcert holder, AI language,

Do you know the difference between policy holders, certificate holders, and ...


Are you listed as Additional Insured?Additional insured, insurance, endorsement, additional insured endorsement, policy,

Watch this video to find out where Additional Insured Wording is located on a ...


What is a Waiver of Subrogation?Waiver of subrogation, WOS, what is, endorsement, insurance,

Waiver of subrogation is when someone waives the rights of their insurance ...


The Difference Between Per Project & Per Locationper project, per location, aggregate, insurance, general liability, policy, Contractor's Guide to Aggregates, limits,

The general aggregate limit is the total amount that the policy has to pay in ...

Primany and Noncont

What does Primary & Noncontributory mean in insurance?primary, noncontributory, form, endorsement, wording, insurance, coverage, additional insured,

Primary and non-contributory endorsements or policy language are importante ...

Auto symbols-2

What do Auto Insurance Symbols mean?Auto policy, commercial auto policy, symbols, insurance, liability, car,

In this video we are diving a little deeper into the Auto Liability Policy and ...

In this video I am going to briefly show you the differences between a loss payee and additional insured.

What does Loss Payee Mean in Insurance Terms?loss payee, loss payees, insurance, what is the definition of loss payee, loss payee form, What do you mean by loss payee?, ADDITIONAL INSURED AND LOSS PAYEE, DDITIONAL INSURED VS LOSS PAYEE

The term “loss payee,” can be confused with “additional insured.” Basically, a ...


Who we are bcs, coi tracking, certificate of insurance, coi, full service, tracking,

Through a combination of dedicated compliance analysts and our advanced BCS ...


What Is A Hold Harmless?What Is A Hold Harmless?, hold harmless agreement, hold harmless wording, hold harmless language, insurance, certificate of insurance, coi, policy, endorsement, clause, Hold Harmless, Indemnity

In this video we will be briefly explaining Hold Harmless Language, what it is ...


Benefits of Full-Service Solutionfull service, coi tracking, full-service, certificate of insurance tracking, insurance tracking, software, full service software

Certificate of Insurance Tracking is a very important but time consuming ...


5 General Liability Benefits genera liability, general liability policy, GL policy, commercial policy, insurance, coverage, GL coverage, insurance tips, General liability benefits, benefits,

When you run a business, incidents happen, and they can be costly. That's why ...


What is the Difference Between Indemnification and Insurance?INDEMNIFICATION, INSURANCE, Indemnity, Indemnification and Indemnity, Indemnification vs Indemnity, DIFFERENCE BETWEEN INDEMNIFICATION AND INSURANCE,

In this video we are going to explain the difference between indemnification ...

How our implementation works

How our implementation worksimplementation, onboarding vendors,vendor onboarding, bcs software, vendor network, vendor, tenants,

At every stage of the process, our Implementation Manager will help you know ...

top 5 benefits of VMS-1

Top 5 Benefits of Vendor Management Systemvendor management, VMS, vendor management system, cloud-based software, What is vendor management systems and tools?, Top Vendor Management Software, Vendor Management Software,

Vendor management can help your company save time and money, while also ...


Basic Insurance Terms: Premium, Deductibles, and Coverage.premium, deductibles, coverage, insurance, insurance policies, basic insurance terms,

In this video, we'll define some common insurance terms: premium, deductible, ...


What Is Cyber Insurance and Why Do You Need It??what is cyber insurance, cyber coverage, cyber insurance, cyber insurance definition, what is cyber security insurance, cyber coverage definition, cyber insurance policies,

Cyber insurance protects your business's liability for a data breach involving ...


Truth or Myth: Umbrella Policy umbrella policy, umbrella liability policy, umbrella insurance, umbrella insurance policy, what's umbrella policy, umbrella vs excess, do i need umbrella policy, certificate of insurance, coi, insurance

Today we are going to discover some MYTHS and facts about UMBRELLA POLICY!

How to read a certificate of insurance

How to read a certificate of insurance how to read a coi, how to read a certificate of insurance, certificate of insurance, coi, insurance, insurance policy, coi walkthrough, coi what does that mean, coi meaning,

In this video I'm going to walk you through every single component that makes ...

how much a certificate of insurance tracking service cost?

How much will this cost me?certificate of insurance tracking cost, certificate of insurance services, certificate of insurance, coi cost, pricing page, coi tracking cost,

BCS won’t hold your time hostage, you have work to do or a business to run. You ...

commercial business and business owners

Commercial Business Policy and Business Owners Policy? commercial business, commercial business policy, business owners, general liability policy, gl policy,

what is the difference between a Commercial General Liability (CGL) policy and ...

what is a COI Tracking software

What is a COI Tracking Software?coi tracking software, coi tracking, insurance tracking software, insurance software, insurance tracking, what is a coi tracking, what is an insurance software,

Tracking COIs with insurance compliance software ensures your company is ...


Benefits of Tracking Certificates for HOAScoi tracking for hoa, tracking coi for hoa, coi tracking, certificate of insurance tracking, coi, insurance tracking for hoa, how to track coi, how to track certificates of insurance, how to track insurance

By James McCann

Contractual risk transfer and certificate of insurance tracking for HOAs are ...

coi tracking versus excel sheet

Automated COI tracking software VS Excel Spreadsheetcoi tracking, certificate of insurance tracking, insurance tracking, how to track coi, how to track certificate, how to track coi using an excel spreadsheet, excel spreadsheet, excel, coi verification tool, COI Tracking Software vs. Manual Tracking Methods,

By James McCann

You might be surprised to learn that your current certificate of insurance ...


Evidence of Property Walkthrough evidence of property, evidence of property insurance, EOP insurance,

By Rebecca Fitzpatrick

The Acord 27 form is a necessary piece of documentation for many different ...


Tips For Onboarding New Vendorsonboarding new vendors, new vendors, how to onboarding new vendors, onboard new vendor

By James McCann

There are many different aspects to consider when a company is looking for a ...

add insured vs name insured

What is the difference between “named insured" vs. "additional insured”?named insured, additional insured, what is additional insured, what is named insured, what's the difference between additional insured and named insured,

By James McCann

There's a lot of confusion out there about the difference between name insured ...


The Basics Of Certificate Of Insurance Trackingcoi tracking, insurance tracking, certificate of insurance tracking, coi tracking software

By James McCann

COI tracking can seem intimidating, but understanding the basics is critical to ...

Types of Insurance for Real Estate Investors

3 Basic Types of Insurance for Real Estate Investorsliability insurance, property liability, property policy, insurance for investors, real estate,

By James McCann

When you're a real estate investor, there are a lot of things you need to think ...

benefits of tracking

The Benefits of COI Tracking Software coi tracking, coi tracking software, certificate of insurance tracking,

By Rebecca Fitzpatrick

In this informative video, we delve into the world of COI tracking software and ...

The provided video is a brief overview of the five basic coverages included in Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance. It outlines key aspects of each coverage, such as bodily injury liability, property damage liability, completed operations liability, product liability, and personal injury/advertising injury coverage. The text emphasizes the importance of a CGL policy for businesses, highlighting its role in providing financial protection in the face of incidents leading to bodily injury or property damage liabilities. The goal is to help businesses understand and secure the right level of protection tailored to their specific needs.

5 Basic Coverages Included in Commercial General Liability Insurance GL, GL INSURANCE, GENERAL LIABILITY INSURANCE, GL COVERAGE,

By Adam

Explore vital Commercial General Liability coverages, from bodily injury to ...

Understanding the necessity of primary noncontributory wording on your Certificate of Insurance (COI). This ensures that your insurance takes precedence as the primary coverage without contribution from others. Watch our video for a detailed explanation.

Why Do I Need Primary Noncontributory Wording On My COI?primary noncontributory word, primary noncontributory wording, primary and noncontributory,

By Adam

Learn why adding primary noncontributory wording to your Certificate of ...


Insurance DeductiblesInsurance Deductibles, insurance, deductible, deductibles, what is insurance deductible

By Rebecca Fitzpatrick

Knowing what a property deductible is and how it works can help you get the ...

How to read a coi

How to Read a Certificate of Insurancecoi, certificate of insurance, how to read, how to read a coi, understanding coi, understading

By Adam Lopez

In this video, we are going to learn how to read a certificate of insurance and ...


What is Hazard Insurance and How Can It Protect Your Business?hazard insurance, business insurance, business hazard insurance

By Adam Lopez

Ever wondered what hazard insurance is all about? Well, in this video, we're ...

In this video, we are going to understand why a Waiver of Subrogation is important and what it means for your business.

Why do I need a Waiver of Subrogationwaiver of subrogation, what is waiver of subrogation, insurance, insurance policy, why do I need waiver of subrogation,

By Adam Lopez

Why a Waiver of Subrogation is important and what it means for your business.

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