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COI Tracking Software Demo

Manage COIs in-house with less hassle.


BCS software is an all-in-one platform that stores documentation, streamlines vendor onboarding, tracks insurance & so much more. 

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Why should I get BCS?

BCS vendor compliance software equips your team with all of the tools needed for certificate of insurance tracking and vendor onboarding. If you are looking to increase efficiency while keeping the overall process in-house, this is the perfect vendor management solution for you! 

Key Features:

  • AUTOMATE vendor compliance, COI tracking  & renewal notices
  • AI technology & automated insurance review save valuable time
  • User-friendly interface that makes vendor risk management a breeze
  • OCR scan immediately flags COI deficiencies upon upload
  • Message current or potential new vendors
  • Automate RFPs and Job Postings
  • Easily add pre-approved vendors to your network

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