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Your Essential Guide to Certificates of Insurance

Welcome to the bcs Guide to Certificates of Insurance (COIs), covering everything you need to know about certificates of insurance. From fundamental concepts and FAQs to COI tracking software and solutions and more!

bcs: Your COI Tracking Solution

Vendor management can be a hassle.

However, bcs full- and self-service COI tracking options streamline every facet of your vendor management processes—from hiring and onboarding to policy correction and renewal.

Our seamless solution fully integrates with all your favorite tools so you can safeguard compliance and optimize third-party processes with a few clicks.

BCS comes equipped with:

  • Request for Proposal (RFP) Automation: Automatically broadcast RFPs to a pool of pre-qualified applicants to expedite hiring.
  • Pre-Qualified Vendor Database: Seamlessly award bids and hire vetted candidates through the bcs Network.
  • Onboarding Tools: Easily onboard new employees with the bcs App and bypass the need for hours of paperwork.
  • Secure, Cloud-Based Storage: Safely store and manage all your vendor documents in one place for easy retrieval and compliance correction.
  • AI Software & OCR Scanning Tools: bcs AI-powered software scans and extracts COI data—saving hours, while mitigating human error. 
  • Automated Renewal Notices & Deficiency Alerts: Automatically detect deficiencies and send instant alerts or configurable renewal emails for an easy return to compliance. 
  • Vendor Mobile App: With in-app messaging, onboarding, hiring, document storage, and more, the bcs App optimizes every aspect of vendor management, all in one place. 

While COI tracking can be challenging, it doesn’t have to be. 

bcs simplifies these processes with industry-leading solutions and expertise that helps you seamlessly safeguard compliance, ensure projects are completed on time, and build safer business partnerships. 

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While COI tracking and compliance are important, we get it—the goal is to not focus on insurance, as much as possible.

With bcs, that’s exactly what you get.

Our full-service team of analysts will handle every aspect of COI tracking and maintenance for you, so you can remain compliant and get back to focusing on what really matters: running your business.

To learn more, contact us today or schedule a demo.

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