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Certificate of Insurance Tracking Software

The most sophisticated contract, lease or loan agreements won’t protect your organization without compliant insurance. Your days of hunting down COIs to ensure compliance are over thanks to bcs’s certificate of insurance tracking software.

Which COI solution is right for you?

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AI-Powered Insurance Review

Manually reviewing insurance documents is a thing of the past thanks to bcs. Our algorithm provides real-time compliance feedback of your insurance certificates and evidences of property coverage.

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Flexible Compliance Architecture 

Track different compliance requirements for the same vendor/tenant/franchisee associated with more than 1 location. 

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Smart Tasks 

Smart Tasks helps you navigate the compliance maze by organizing and simplifying your efforts.   

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With our analytics dashboard, you’ll have total visibility of your compliance management efforts across your organization.

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Insurance tracking doesn’t have to be painful.

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COI Tracking Software Only

Self Service

Ditch your spreadsheets. Automate your compliance process with our COI tracking software. Make certificate of insurance tracking and vendor onboarding a breeze! 

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Two employees standing together reviewing information on a laptop.


Manage your COIs in-house with the support of the powerful bcs COI tracking software, designed to simplify the process, save time, and centralize your compliance.

  • Save time in your compliance management
  • Centralize compliance process & documentation
  • Modernize your vendor management process


Our certificate of insurance tracking software includes a streamlined onboarding for you vendors, real-time compliance insights, centralized document storage, and so much more.

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Live Compliance Status

track vendor compliance &  upcoming expirations

A cloud icon with arrows pointing up and down
Cloud-Based Storage

centralize your vendor/tenant compliance

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Detailed Reporting

insurance and vendor compliance reports

A gear icon signifying automation

renewal notices and  deficiency emails

A cloud icon with dots and lines signifying bcs integration capabillities

with all your favorite tools like Yardi, MRI, Viewpoint, and Procore.

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One-Click Onboarding

Streamline onboarding by inviting vendors to join with one click

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And More!

Mobile App for vendors, automated RFPs, instant messaging, etc.

COI Tracking Software + Professional Services

Full Service

The perfect balance of COI tracking software and customer support. By collecting, reviewing, and correcting the insurance coverages of your third parties, we achieve the highest standard in third-party liability risk mitigation.

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If your team lacks the bandwidth or expertise to review insurance documents, we can help protect your business at a fraction of the cost of hiring additional staff.

  • Free up your teams
  • Protect your organization
  • Modernize your operations


Our compliance analysts manage the time-consuming compliance process. We’ll collect and review documents, identify and correct compliance gaps, and track expiration dates and changes in compliance.


Dedicated team of compliance analysts acting as an extension of your team.


Collection of documents—insurance W9, licenses, health & safety, agreements, etc.


Review of certificates, endorsements, policy pages, licenses, etc.


Identification of compliance gaps with respect to your rules and requirements.


Correction of deficiencies by phone and email to vendors, tenants, and their agents.


Tracking expiration dates and changes in compliance status, with timely renewal requests.

What's Included

Experience personalized and thorough COI tracking with our full-service solution, combining the power of bcs software with the expertise of our dedicated compliance analysts and account managers.

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COI Tracking Software

bcs software automates COI tracking

A mobile icon with the bcs icon on the screen
Mobile App

mobile app for your vendors

A cloud icon with dots and lines signifying bcs integration capabilities

to streamline compliance

A pink icon of a person wearing a headset
Implementation Manager

To help you seamlessly migrate from your current solution

A purple icon of a person wearing a headset
Account Manager

To oversee your compliance process and be your direct point of contact

An icon of a person using a laptop with the bcs icon floating behind.
Compliance Analysts

collect, review compliance info, & communicate with your vendors

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Insurance tracking doesn’t have to be painful.