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RFP Automation

Streamline your bidding and vendor onboarding processes with cutting-edge RFP automation software from bcs! RFPs are commonly used for complex projects that involve multiple subcontractors, serving as a means to solicit competitive bids from vendors while ensuring transparency. Along with COI tracking, RFP automation can also be a pivotal component to your vendor screening and onboarding strategy.

RFP Automation
New Job Posting

1. Create RFPs in an instant

No paper documents, all your bids in one centralized platform. Add all the attachments you want. Post RFPs in seconds. 

Posting Visibility

2. Choose who gets to bid

Restrict who you want to allow to bid on the RFP. Disclose job compliance requirements in advance.

Chat with bidders

3. Chat privately with bidders

Keep all your conversations in one place with the built-in messaging platform.

compare all the bids

4. Compare bids

See side by side all the incoming bids for an easy comparison. 

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5. Seamlessly invite winner through onboarding and compliance

Invite the winning bidder through your onboarding and compliance process with one click.

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Insurance tracking doesn’t have to be painful.