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Top 3 Tips for Certificate of Insurance Tracking


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Tracking Certificates of Insurance is an essential process in any risk management strategy but, let’s admit it, sometimes trying to stay on top of it all seems impossible. Before having a COI tracking meltdown, try out these simple tips that will keep you on track. Take back your time and feel on top of your busy schedule again, by making these a part of your regular routine.

I will compile my tips into 3 different categories:

Tip number 1) Organization: Create easily accessible storage, so you can look up limits, exclusions, expiration dates etc. It is important to have your files organized so you can see if a vendor or tenant is compliant and/or if the vendor is qualified to come on site.

Tip number 2)  AUTOMATION: Embracing technology is an absolute must for achieving productivity and efficiency. That’s why automation can be the key that enables you to save time when sending expiration notices and reaching out for renewals. Besides that, it can deliver and create messages that resonate with the needs of each customer based on their policy requirements.

Tip number 3) COMMUNICATION: Have you ever heard the phrase “Communication is key?” Well, this is true when it comes to building relationships with agents and clients. It is extremely essential to have up to date contact information for the vendor and their insurance agent so you can reach out for any deficiencies or renewals that may be needed.

This seems like an obvious tip but making sure the communication is there is vital to receiving the documents, correcting any deficiencies, and continually making sure there are no lapses in coverage.

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Adam Lopez

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