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Download the PDF 'Everything You Need to Know About Certificates of Insurance'

Before our clients become clients, many initially find themselves on the wrong side of litigation, or tangled in some other risk event. This is true across multiple industries: construction, real estate, retail, healthcare—you name it.

The first step in successful risk management is learning the proper insurance measures to effectively meet your business’s unique needs. At a minimum, this should include the development of standard company procedures for collecting, improving, and tracking Certificates of Insurance, or COIs.

To help you get started, we’ve created a free PDF download, titled (you guessed it!), "Everything You Need to Know About Certificates of Insurance." It serves as an introductory guide to all things COI, and intends to help you identify a COI tracking solution that's perfectly suited to your organization.

Topics covered by "Everything You Need to Know About Certificates of Insurance" include:

  • The Definition of a COI
  • Reasons Why Collecting and Tracking COI Is Essential for Your Business
  • What’s Meant by “Additional Insured”
  • The Differences between a COI and an Insurance Policy
  • Ways to Ensure Company-Wide COI Compliance
  • Much, Much More!

Read "Everything You Need to Know About Certificates of Insurance"

This free guide shares valuable insights and tips on tracking, improving and managing Certificates of Insurance. Download it today!

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