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What Is Vendor Compliance Software?

When you’re managing a project, every second counts.

You don’t want to spend unnecessary time tracking down vendor paperwork, going back and forth to ensure compliance, or hiring negligent parties altogether.

Today’s AI-powered technology enables you to streamline all your most pertinent vendor compliance processes into one, integrated solution via vendor compliance software to ensure adherence to any associated laws, regulations, and policy stipulations.

Here, we explore such platforms, their features, and unique advantages that enable you to save time, mitigate risks, and streamline your project, from start to finish.

Vendor Compliance Software Defined

Vendor compliance software integrates every facet of third-party management into one digital platform for easy document storage, tracking, maintenance, among other functions.

Not all are created equal, however.

Today’s leading, cutting-edge innovations facilitate seamless RFP broadcasting, hiring, onboarding, in-app messaging, and so much more.

By managing all your critical controls within one solution, you can streamline vendor processes with just a few clicks.

Vendor Compliance Software Capabilities

Let’s explore several key features of popular providers.

Vendor Portals

Think of vendor portals as one-stop shops for all your third-party relationships, where you can easily and securely access documents, invoices, 24/7 communications, and so much more.

Centralizing these multiple facets within one solution creates more transparency and convenience for all involved.

Automated RFPs

Ever wonder what it would be like to hire vendors that were already pre-vetted? Today’s innovative compliance software makes this a reality.

Automatically broadcasting RFPs to a pool of pre-qualified vendors helps mitigate potential risks from the start.

Onboarding Tools

After hiring, vendors onboard themselves through an integrated app.

They’ll upload their information, relevant documentation, COIs, and more to a secure server—bypassing the need for tedious paperwork.

Secure Document Storage

Everything you and your vendors upload is stored in a secure, cloud-based environment, which safeguards privacy while ensuring documents are available for easy access.

In-App Messaging

Gone are the days of tracking down vendors for compliance correction.

Easily send messages using the vendor portal and they’ll receive them instantly through their vendor mobile app.

COI Data Extraction

Leading solutions provide real-time COI data extraction to simultaneously upload and identify compliance discrepancies for instant correction.

Benefits of Vendor Compliance Software

Condensing your vendor management process into one, integrated hub provides several benefits:

  • Streamlined Communication: Vendors are only a few clicks away, and vice versa—promoting more transparent business relationships and contacts.
  • Vetted Hirings: By hiring pre-approved vendors, you can mitigate potential for negligence, liability, and other risks.
  • Greater Efficiencies: Secure document storage and retrieval promote security and save hours otherwise spent searching for forms.
  • Real-Time Compliance Correction: Highlighting and correcting deficiencies as they occur ensures you and your vendors remain compliant, at all times.

BCS: The Preeminent Vendor Compliance Software

To capitalize on the unique features and benefits of vendor compliance software, you need an industry-leading platform that does it all.

The BCS self-service solution includes all the aforementioned features and extraordinary advantages.

From streamlined vendor portals and automated RFPs to convenient onboarding and in-app messaging, our integrated solution simplifies every aspect of vendor management.

In addition to all the benefits outlined above, organizing every facet of your project via one software solution grants the unique peace of mind only derived from knowing you’re spending every second of your valuable time wisely.

BCS is a leading vendor compliance software solution with full- and self-service COI tracking options designed to optimize every aspect of your project. To learn more about how it can streamline your third-party processes, contact us today or schedule a demo.

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